Audio-Visual Center

PresentationClipArtThe kinder garden possesses and excellent infrastructure comprising comfortable furniture, Lavatories with full sanitation and a room for multipurpose, co-curricular activities, including informal interesting and informative games of the pre-primary children. Audio visual god gets and Edu Comp. Smart Classes play beneficial for the student. The LCD projector is also used as a teaching aid for the higher classes.

Medical care

healthAll students will be medically examined once in a year. More efforts will be made to have a regular check up of the students and the parents will be intimated about deficiency through health cards. A well equipped medical ambulance is also a part of the school in order to provide proper first aid to the students in case of emergency.

Play Area

play areaEvery equipment used in our play area meets safety standards. We have swings, slides and climbing structures, which allow our children to develop control in moving, climbing & balancing. The kids are always under constant supervision of our teachers.

School Transport

school bus clip artThe school will provide transport facility to its students at reasonable fee. It is not compulsory, rather it is discretionary. But school will not allow unsafe transportation (Bike etc.) of the students.

Once the school bus is engaged the students can’t leave the facility within four month. He /She will have to pay the four month fee. An application is served one month prior to discontinuation of the bus facility. The precise location of the pickup points will be depending on residential location of major use.

Kid's day out

CorePodcast_WebBannerEvery year the KG students are taken to nearby park to give them a chance to experience the environment with their friends.

Activity Room

activity roomWe have divided sections of our ACTIVITY ROOM into – Jungle, Fruits & Vegetables Shop, Post Office, Doll House, Buildings & Cars. It provides a stimulating environment for children and aids spontaneous learning.